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ABOUT THIS SITE...In 2006 the Village West Expansion was a-buzz with activity as construction was underway for a new area downtown that would be located adjacent to historic Claremont Village. At that time, it occurred to me that I wanted to capture these scenes photographically on my Sunday morning strolls. Within a short time, I began designing this website to share Claremont Village photos, promote its larger events and provide updated shop and dine business listings.

While more contemporary photos are found elsewhere on this website, I've chosen to include archived ones here to show the evolution of the Village during 2006-07. It's interesting to know where we've been to better appreciate where are are.


I continue to enjoy photographing quaint Village scenes, visiting the area frequently and updating this site's business listings.

Claremont is a Southern California treasure. The Claremont Colleges are located adjacent to the Village and Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden is to the north. Metrolink commuter trains make the 30 mile trip west to Los Angeles or east to San Bernardino a breeze while Ontario International Airport is nearby.

There's Often Something Interesting Happening in the Claremont Village!

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Enjoy my photos? I have a line of POSTCARDS (PhotoArt of Claremont) available at Sonja Stump Photography (135 W. First St.), Claremont Heritage (Memorial Park, 840 N. Indian Hill Blvd.) and Claremont Heights Postal Center (VONS Center, 2058 N. Mills Ave.).

It's Another Wonderful Day in the Claremont Village,
Mindi Meader